Approved at StockPhotoPro

Well it took 8 weeks for them to review my initial 10 submissions but i am now approved at Stock Photo Pro with a 100 % AR to date.

In fact, i emailed them yesterday to ask when my submissions would be looked at so maybe that did the trick.

Their site still seems rather slow (with Firefox) and i am uploading the rest of my portfolio one image at a time as using the multiple uploader (which they state is configured for Internet Explorer) doesn't work well and the description is replaced by the title. Don't have that problem with single image uploads although haven't tried out a different browser to see if it works better yet.

Anyway, another site to add to the list and i will post again if i get any sales there.

By the way, this months earnings are better than Febs and a surprise sale on Scandinavian Stock Photo as well as a large sale on Canstock. All will be revealed in my earnings report due out beginning of April so watch this space.

I also haven't forgotten about the second book review which i will post up this week.

bye for now, D


  1. Don't know this agency you have joined, never seen microstockers reporting sales there.. it would be nice to know!


  2. Hi - Can't recall where i first noticed this one. Maybe just a google search. I too haven't seen anyone mentioning it let alone getting sales. I'll keep an eye out.. see if anyone has any further info tho.