Istock's tough criteria

Well, after getting four photographs approved a good 18 months ago and with this new found urge to get back into this micro-world i have been submitting jpeg illustrations for approval to istock.

Their approval time seems to be one of the slowest (not counting Crestock which personally i feel is going to go down the drain due to something not working behind the scenes as i have previously mentioned.)

Sadly out of 6 submitted only one image has so far been approved and is live with two pending and the rest rejected. Various reasons for rejection most of which i can not grumble about. They have their criteria and i can live with that:

"overall composition of this file could be improved"

"....visible polygons, jagged lines, banding..."

"...posterization from excessive adjustments..."

At least their emails try to be polite and i am free to re-submit many if i can correct the problems they are seeing in the images. I am not sure that i will though but instead try to improve and create even better images altogether.

Still a few more uploads that might be worthy though so i will endeavor to persevere :)


  1. IS sometimes is pretty hard, I am with around 60% approval ratio, they accept well isolations and travel shoots! don't give up on IS, their are paying back I guess :)

  2. hi Luis, Yes thanks for the encouragement, I certainly won't give up on them. I think it's a site worth getting on being one of the top. I'll keep trying! :)

  3. Yes, Istock is very hard in selection, but you have to insist on it. Bye.

  4. Well looks like i will have to improve my game to get on there. All but one of the illustrations were rejected and with an approval rating at a low of 18% i will delay uploading anything else for now until i have something better to offer. :)