Microstock Progress into 2010

There were some delays in creating the mass of images for the later months of 2009 and beginning of 2010 that i wanted. Partly that was due to the divergence into 3D experimentation which involved a steep learning curve and ended with nothing concrete. At least nothing that would survive the review process on any site out there. I was working with another open source program called Blender (Blender.org).

Tough to master but i made some progress although for now it's on the back burner. If you want to try it out i suggest these tutorials by David Allen Ward who really is a great teacher and i found his videos on
YouTube so informative and helpful: http://www.davidallenward.com

While on the subject of 3D work another site i have recently registered with is:
They also accept 2D illustrations and the upload was quick and easy.

Back to
Inkscape though and as of a week away from the end of Jan 2010 i have about 35 images for sale across several sites. Woke up this morning to find $2.60 in the Graphicleftovers account from a single sale and i have only been there 2 weeks. A good start even if that does equate to just £1.61 at the current exchange rate it's not bad with only 29 files in that portfolio.

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