Feb Earnings + Updates

February was a better month again and the earnings total beat January with a total of £7.45 ($11.29).

At long last a sale on Canstock. (Actually 4 sales). That's been a long time coming. A.R there is 80%.

A little slow on Dreamstime during Feb. AR now 71.4%

Another sale on GraphicLeftovers and one for Istock (which i tend to get every once and while. Not bad when you consider only 4 image
s online with Istock.)

I can't, currently, add Vectors (EPS) files to sites like Fotolia and Istock etc due to the fact that Inkscape can't retain blurs and transparencies when saving as EPS. Hopefully that will be resolved in a later release.

First sale on BigStock netted me approx £0.32p. AR still 100%.

Shutterstock downloads a little less than hoped but still an increase at 12D for the month.

Still no sales yet on, Yaymicro, 3DStudio, Picturenation, Alamy, FeaturePics (although plenty of views there) or any of the others.

So, Feb was certainly a best month ever (BME) and i am really hopeful that with some quality submissions and some creative thinking i will
push into double figure earnings for March... watch this space.

By the way. I tidied up the chart. Hope it looks more intersting and visually clearer.

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