Canstock Keywording

Just a quick mention about a matter regarding Canstock's keywording.

I noticed on my images after logging in that my illustrations included words such as 'Vector' and 'EPS'. They were not added by myself as i don't have true vectors for sale, only Jpegs and so i asked Canstock about it:

"Hi - I see there are keywords added to my images that i didn't put there. Like EPS and VECTOR.

I wouldn't have put those as it doesn't apply to my images (not true vector or EPS available, only JPEGS).

When trying to edit them out (not wanting buyers to be mislead) those words vanish from the checkbox list of words to remove and i am unable to delete them.

Thanks, David"


"Thanks for contacting us.

These keywords are automatically added by our system for the benefit of external search engines (Google), so that your images rank higher in search engine searches.

Rest assured that these keywords are NOT used for internal searches. If you search "EPS" or "Vector" on our site, your images will not come up.

Duncan - CSP Admin"

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