Quick reply from Dreamstime

Speedy reply from DT this morning:


Thank you for contacting us.

As you can see in the refusal reason, the requirements for silhouettes and illustrations have changed. You are asked to upload as property release the image from which you traced it. If the illustration is not traced please confirm that you have created it from scratch.
We have introduced this requirement recently due to large number of frauds and, unfortunately, all users have to comply.

Sincerely yours, DT"

hmm That doesn't really explain why other silhouettes were passed without the extra upload. Oh well. I have better things to do and these communications with the sites are detracting from being creative so looks like i'll have to dig out the photo and re-submit (again).
Onwards and upwards!

By the way, this months earnings have beaten last months and Feb isn't over yet! My Earnings report for this month will probably be the next post unless another site annoys me and i want to rant a little on here first! ;-)

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