By sharp comparison to the above has been a dream to use. The upload process seems a little odd to start with as the file goes into a 'briefcase' folder but now feels natural and i fly through the process. There has been a good approval ratio (so far) and only a couple of rejections.

1. Too many of the same file type already (not surprising as it was a picture of a seagull)

2. Resubmit after removing text. (Which i did and it was
subsequently approved.)

The review time has been amazing. Maybe
I've been lucky but a batch i uploaded once had already started to be approved before i had finished double checking/categorising the remainder. Super fast (in my experience.) I've had 3 sales there in December.. nothing for Jan but plenty of views and that's OK. I can live with that as we are talking about portfolio of 30 odd images.. not hundreds. Hopefully the sales will increase the more my portfolio grows over time.

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