Earnings Report Jan 2010

First month of the year over already and these are the updates along with earnings chart for the month:

Bigstock accepted further 15 images. Still 100% AR.

PictureNation back up and running after several months offline. I have uploaded all the illustrations i have for approval.

For the third month in a row Shutterstock seems to give me a consistent 10 sales a month with about 20+ images online. Uploaded and had approved further images towards the end of Jan (currently 30 images live and for sale) so fingers crossed Feb will see even further downloads.


I thought i would post up earnings for Jan 2010 (told you they were small!).

Certainly better than each preceding month and growing slowly.

4 things to note.

1. Income is in £ (not dollars)

2. Portfolio size is based on what images were approved by the last day of the month. So those files could well have been added in the last remaining days of that month and may not always have been responsible for any increase in sales.

3. Although i have portfolios on many sites these listed are the ones where i have achieved at least one sale or more.

4. It is accurate but remember most sites have sales in dollars and as the exchange rate changes from one week to the next who knows what these amounts will look like a week after reporting or, eventually, when a payout is requested.

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